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Right now, TraInn (Transcendent Innovations) is considered to be one of the best freebie networks on the web, and I just recently received my first freebie, Halo 3, from them through yourfree360games. It was just a matter of time before I got Halo 3, and since the requirements for this site seemed pretty easy I wanted to know first hand that all the positive stuff I had been reading about freebies was real. Sure enough, it was.

Total, I paid around $17 to get Halo 3 Limited Edition ($69.99 retail, the shipping and tax together was about $22). So, basically Trainn paid a little over $90 to buy my game. That’s pretty imposing on their part, and because of that I will be sure to continue using their site to get freebies. (Just for reference, I signed up for this site on Oct. 5 and received my game on Oct. 24)

Transcendent Innovations is offering you a way to get nearly any 360 game and/or accessories you might want, completely free. This is 100% legitimate and if you follow the steps below you will be able to receive your game completely FREE. The Trainn network has been tried and true for over two and a half years. Trainn has shipped over a million dollars worth of gifts to it’s members and you can be one of those members! Stop paying $60 a game. Start getting your 360 games dirt cheap and even free! They offer: Guitar Hero II and III, Call of Duty 4, Rock Band, and Halo 3, among a ton of other games and accessories!

Sign Up
Open the link:

- Select the bundle that you want. Then at the lower right side of the page, where it says “sign-up,” put in your e-mail address. Read and understand the Terms and Conditions, check the box, click “sign me up” and follow the directions to finish the registration.

-When signing up be sure to use legitimate info. Trainn can’t send you your 360 games if they don’t have real info. Trainn will not give any of your information away. They are a legit company that take pride in their customers care. If you already have an account you can’t sign up again, and make sure you don’t use a public computer because if someone has already signed up with that computer or IP address your account will be put on hold. (All of this is in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, read them!)

-Choose whichever account type you would like to use: Referral or Points. The referral account is cheaper, and can be free depending on which offer you choose, but you have to find referrals. The points account requires that you complete numerous offers and will cost a fair amount more than the referral account, but you don’t have to rely on referrals. Of course, if you want your 360 games for free you will want to choose the referral account.

Complete An Offer
At this point, you will need to complete an offer. If you see any offers that interest you then by all means go with those.

-After you have decided which offer you would like to complete, click on the requirements tab to see what you have to do to receive credit for the offer. Once you have decided which offer to do, read and understand their terms and conditions, and sign up for it. Always read the fine print when signing up for an offer so you know what the offer entails.

Ensuring you get credit for your offer:
Use Internet Explorer

-Accept all cookies
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Settings, Use the slider to set “Accept All Cookies”

-Disable any Pop-up Blocker you have.

-Clear your cookies, close your browser, and start a new session
Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies

-When filling out the information for the offer, use the same information that used for the freebie site.

You need to accept all cookies because this is how Trainn knows that you completed an offer or not. The cookies will only track whether you completed the offer so you can get credit. You need to disable pop-up blockers because some offers open in a pop-up window. If you can’t open the window you can’t sign up. You will need to clear all your cookies because if have already visited a freebie site, a cookie/cookies might have been stored on your computer. This might interfere with the offer process and keep you from getting credit.

Refer People
If you chose the points account you can continue completing offers.
If you signed up for the referral account you can start referring people.

How do I get referrals?

-Ask anybody you know. Family, friends, co-workers, and really anybody that is willing to sign up. Ask anybody you can, when it is appropriate. The answer is ALWAYS no if you never ask!

-You can put your link on MySpace, Facebook, and other social networks you frequent (only in YOUR profile or when it is asked for). Don’t post it where it’s not appropriate.

-Put it in your signature on forums.

-Make a website or blog (do not copy this)

*Like I mentioned above: do not use the same computer or IP address more than once for each site. Stay away from public networks, e.g. college campuses, coffee shops, libraries, etc. Do Not spam your link. Don’t post it on ebay or craigslist listings. Don’t post it anywhere it’s not appropriate.

Order Your 360 Games!

When you are finished referring people or earning points you can place your order for your games. You will need to submit your account for approval. This is done to ensure that you nor any of your referrals are fraudulent. This part of the process is when your account will be put on hold if you spam or scam. You spam. You scam. You lose. Once your account is approved you can place your order and your 360 games will be shipped!

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